About Us

Chris Leonard

Owner and CEO

Chris Leonard is a College and Professional Esports Director/Coach. Chris has substantial knowledge in the competitive Esports industry and technical instruction.

He spent 13 years in local law enforcement, last serving as assistant chief of police.

Chris is a U.S. Army disabled veteran, a law enforcement Purple Heart recipient and a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Founded in 2020, Maryland Esports Training Academy and META   Pro Gaming is a full-service Esports management, developmental, and consulting group.

Our team is comprised of seasoned veterans from the Esports industry.


Berkley Stevens

Berkley Stevens is an Esports play-by-play commentator with tournament winning experience as a head coach. He developed his coaching voice and won a championship with a 3000 SR-average team which he founded called No Daylight.


A coach capable of VOD reviewing an entire team or an individual on any role. He has played competitive FPS titles for over a decade and is an expert at communicating positioning, game-theory and decision making to players of all ages.


Outside of Esports, Berkley was a student-athlete and Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society member who studied Communications at New Hampshire Technical Institute and Hofstra University

Caleb Glube

Caleb Glube is the Director of Esports for the NECC. He specializes in business development and is an expert the Esports industry. He has previous experience coaching and playing on the professional level.  


Caleb currently coaches Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League and Valorant.

Mark Winkel

Mark Winkel currently serves as the  Manager for Sports Information and Event Operations as well as Coordinator of the Esports program at Howard Community College.


Coach Mark Coaches League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League just to name a few.

Casey Hatmaker

Casey Hatmaker is an Esports coach for Call of Duty, Madden, Minecraft, League of Legends, and Fortnite. He is currently a competitive gamer on META     Pro Gaming Fortnite Team.


Coach Casey is currently finishing his degree at Shippenburg University.


Erick Shedlock

Erick Shedlock has been a gamer for as long as he can remember. Growing up he was always into the newest games and striving to play at the highest level. With an older brother, he was introduced to console gaming at a young age. It wasn’t until his early teenage years that he began playing PC games and started to play with a more competitive mindset. Since then, Coach Shedlock has played a variety of games from different genres, but never committed to anything fully until the launch of Rocket League in 2015. It has since been his primary game for competitive play.

META™ Pro Gaming and the Maryland Esports Training Academy LLC is a Service-Disabled, Combat Veteran / LEO Purple Heart Recipient owned Small Business